Our Ethic's

At Pinner and Co., enriching lives through our jewelry is only a small aspect of what we’re about.

The cornerstones of Pinner and Co.'s ethical behavior are threefold: honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We only purchase from reputable, established sources. It is our stringent practice to abide by international trading laws when purchasing from our suppliers, and we require that each and every diamond supplier with whom we conduct business operates within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Furthermore, we aspire to ensure that the entire manufacturing process of our jewelry has minimal environmental impact on our planet. To achieve this, we continuously work with our suppliers to ensure that they also have similar policies in place to minimize their environmental impact. In doing so, we provide unique, stunning accessories with our conscience fully intact.

Design and Craftsmanship 

Pinner and Co. commits to providing the highest quality of jewelry to all of our customers, and we believe quality is of utmost importance during the designing stage. Our designers continually strive to be on the cutting edge by creating distinctive new jewelry designs, while dreaming up ways to subtly update classic styles with a new modern appeal.

Pinner’s in-house designers can accommodate any requirements in the creation of your unique piece of diamond jewelry, as all commissions are tailored individually to the particular desires of the customer, from the understated to the extraordinary.